Trap. Neuter. Return. (TNR)

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Trap. Neuter. Return.
An Overview


Kitty Bungalow is committed to reducing the number of kittens born on the street.  The backbone of our organization is TNR, which stands for Trap, Neuter, Return.  TNR is the only humane way to reduce the number of homeless cats.  


TNR works because it gets to the root of the problem: the unchecked birth of thousands of kittens every year.  One unspayed female cat and all of her unfixed offspring can produce 420,000 offspring in 7 years!!  Most of these kittens don’t survive or end up in shelters where, sadly, most will be euthanized.  There simply aren’t enough resources, fosters, or shelter staff to care for all the kittens that come into shelters.   


We developed our TNR program to help community members who see the problem and want to help alleviate it.  Whether it is a neighbor who has too many cats or the occasional cat you see in your backyard, it is EVERYONE’S job to ensure that we do our part in reducing the kittens born on the streets. 


Our partnerships with Spay4LA, community partners, and self-trappers allows us to have one of the most robust TNR programs in all of Los Angeles.  In 2019, we successfully trapped over 1,300 cats and kittens!  For more information on how Kitty Bungalow helps animals, click HERE.

Where We Operate.

We focus our Trap, Neuter, Return efforts in South Los Angeles as it is one of the areas of greatest need in all of the country. If you live in the South LA area and need TNR assistance, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page then fill out an application.


If you do not live in South LA, please see below for a list of other organizations that may be able to help:


****For the months of August/September, Kitty Bungalow is partnering up with Pasadena Humane Society to bring you FREE spay/neuter (TNR) for community cats. You must live in or trap in one of the zip codes below. Kitty Bungalow is able to loan you traps and provide training out of our South Los Angeles facility.****

Cats must be: 
- At least two months of age.
- Healthy.
- Brought in a trap.
- Dropped-off and picked-up the day of the surgery (to be determined after application received)

In addition to the spay/neuter, community cats will be given vaccines, flea treatment, and will be eartipped. 

Participants must live/trap in one the following zip codes: 


  • Alhambra (91801, 91803

  • Altadena (91001; 91003; 91104

  • Arcadia (91006; 91007; 91066; 91077; 91732

  • Bradbury (91008

  • Duarte (91009, 910010)

  • El Monte (91731, 91732, 91734, 91735

  • La Canada Flintridge (91011; 91012; 91020; 91021

  • Monrovia (91008; 91010; 91016; 91017)

  • Pasadena (91001; 91003; 91107; 91114; 91121; 91126; 91185; 91011; 91104; 91108; 91115; 91123; 91129; 91188; 91101; 91105; 91109; 91116; 91124; 91182; 91189; 91102; 91106; 91110;91117; 91125; 91184; 91199)

  • Rosemead (91770

  • San Gabriel (91775, 91776)

  • San Marino (91008; 91118

  • Sierra Madre (91024; 91025

  • South Pasadena (91030; 91031)

  • Temple City (91780)

Trap Loans

If you are outside of South LA and are able to transport and trap on your own, we have a trap loan program available.  For a donation of $5.00 per trap, we will loan you a trap and trap cover as well as help facilitate spay/neuter appointments for the community cats you care for.  To participate in our trap loan program, please visit our FAQ page and fill out a TNR application.

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