Adoptions FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I submitted an application. When will I get my cat?

Thank you very much for your interest in adopting from Kitty Bungalow! Please remember that while we review every application carefully, submitting one does not claim an animal. If you have any questions about the status of your application, please feel free to contact us at

I’ve never had a cat before. Can I still be approved to adopt?

Of course! We answer all of your questions and recommend certain supplies for your new kitten. At times we may suggest 2 kittens to make it easier on you, since they will have a friend!

I have a cat that has always been a single cat. Can they still be introduced?

Yes. Transition into a new home and introduction to a new cat can take some time (two weeks to a month) and it takes a lot of patience, but it can be done. We will give you tips and talk about what a proper introduction looks like when you adopt out a kitten.

I have a dog. Will the cat get along with my dog?

With the right introduction, your cat and dog can live harmoniously. We cannot promise they will be best friends, but they can learn to live under the same roof and be good friends.

I work 10+ hour work days, can I still adopt?

Of course. We would suggest adopting an older cat that does not require as much attention as does a kitten. If you really want a kitten, we suggest getting two, so that they have a companion to play with when you are away.

I have kids, do you have family friendly cats?

Yes, we do. We have cats that enjoy being held and are not too energetic, which would be a perfect fit for families with children.

I want a bottle baby, or a kitten that is as young as possible.

Kittens are very fragile when they are born. They do not stop nursing on their mother until they are one month old, they need their mother's milk to build their immunity. The youngest we will adopt out is 2 months old. At this point, our kittens have been fixed, microchipped and kept up to date on their vaccines. This will make the care of your kitten much easier and enjoyable.

Do you have hypoallergenic cats? I/family members are allergic

Cat allergies should not stop you from adopting; they subside after a few weeks because your body gets used to your own cat. It really just takes a commitment of taking allergy medicine for amonth until that happens. Nearly 1⁄3 of our volunteers are allergic to cats. There are also many products out there that can help, that we can recommend.

I am looking for a specific breed, what kind of breeds do you have?

Because we are a 100% feral cat rescue we cannot guarantee your cat will be a specific breed. Finding the right kitty is not really about breed but personality. That’s why we get details about what you are looking for to help make a great match!

When and where can I meet Kitty Bungalow Graduates?

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have had to adjust our usual adoption process. While in-person meet and greets are not possible, we are embracing Zoom videoconferencing to give our adopters the opportunity to virtually meet our kitties and chat with their fosters.

Not tech-savvy? We'll help you through the process!

The first step is to submit an application, and we'll reach out for a brief phone screening.

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