As a foster, you will be providing a range of care in your home from short-term to long-term care for the cat or cats. Kitty Bungalow provides, food, enclosures, medical supplies (if needed), and any medical care. Fosters must be willing to transport their foster cat(s) about every 2-4 week to Kitty Bungalow for updated health exams and vaccines. You also must have available transport in case of emergency to our vet located in Hollywood.

*We ask that all foster parents keep foster cat(s) separate from their own pets for at least two weeks. If you foster for other organizations, we ask you only keep Kitty Bungalow cats during time of fostering our cats.*

Foster Opportunities


There are many opportunities when it comes to fostering, such as:​

  • Feral moms & babies

  • Medical fosters (treating ringworm, URI, or diarrhea) we provide medical supplies, you do the care!

  • Underaged kittens 4-8 weeks eating on their own

  • Bottle baby kittens 0-4 weeks (expect to be home most of the day, not ideal for those who work outside of the home)

  • Friendly kittens & babies

  • Socialization of kittens less than 8 weeks old

  • Single friendly adults