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In addition to adopting out hundreds of kittens each year, we also run several other life-saving programs at Kitty Bungalow.

The Bungalow's Programs

TNR | And feral cats.


What is a feral cat?  A feral cat is one that has lived its life (or most of it) without the care of humans.  The majority of them are offspring of irresponsible owners who did not fix their family cat.

Understanding how wrong it is to villify the cats in these circumstances, there are many soulful people who take care of these cats by feeding them regularly.  But feeding without fixing is not the humane protocol.  These cats need to get fixed in order to stop the killing of kittens at our shelters.  We can help!  Click here to learn how!

Working Cat | an eco-friendly pest solution

This win-win program rescues "unadoptable" feral cats from the shelter and places them on large properties where they have a chance to live out their lives performing eco-friendly pest control. 

These adult cats are not house pets, they're more like roommates that live independently at the same address.  They only require an initial 2-3 weeks of feeding to establish their new territory, and after that they're good to go! It beats the streets, the shelter, and euthanasia.

Click here for more about working cats & success stories!


Homeschool | How we can help

Most people don't realize that when they've found kittens, the energy spent trying to hand them off to overflowing shelters (where newborn kittens are vulnerable to euthanasia) could be better spent caring for them at home. Not only is it safer for the litter to be in the hands of a concerned citizen away from the risks of shelter life, it's also deeply rewarding for the kitten caretaker.

We believe if you made the choice to stop and rescue, have basic means, transportation, and a network of friends, you don't need us to intake this kitten.  You've already saved the life or lives, so now you just need support.

Through Homeschool,  we provide the medical needs, enclosures, advice, courtesy listings, and even provide a professional photographer to take photos!

We have had massive success with this program and it has allow us to use our limited funds on the hissiest kittens, and elderly and unemployed accidental rescuers that need us most.

Read more about our program and our successes here!

Kitten Cuddles! Purr-therapy

Do you or someone you know need the soothing sounds of itty bitty kitty purrs?

Each year we intake hundreds of kitties that require plenty of human socialization in order to become adoptable.  That's why during kitten season we invite individuals or groups to reserve playdates with these furry friends.

Kitties are fragile, so environmental and age restrictions apply.