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Found a Cat?

Not every friendly cat found needs to be rescued.  Sometimes, they may have strayed a little too far from home. If you’ve found a friendly adult cat, here’s what to do:

Option 1: Locate the owner

  • First, try to find the owner.  You can post on Nextdoor, Craiglist, Facebook or any other online platform that allows you to post lost pets. You can also walk the neighborhood to talk to neighbors to see if anyone has lost a pet. 

  • Second, create a flyer and post around the neighborhood.  

  • Third, contact nearby shelters to determine if the pet you found has been reported as missing.  You can also report the pet as “found” online via the LA Animal Services webpage OR you can use the Petco Love Lost site to report a found pet.

  • Fourth, have the cat scanned for a chip:

  • Take the found cat to the nearest shelter and/or veterinary clinic to have the cat scanned for a chip.  If the cat has a chip, great!  Vet or shelter staff are trained to help you get in touch with the owner.  

Option 2: Accept Your Community Cat As Is!

  • ​Don't steal cats! Even friendly cats can live long, healthy lives outside. If the cat you found is healthy, well fed, and an adult - chances are it is already thriving and has several homes. Leave the kitty alone and let it be.

  • So long as the cat has access to food, water, shelter, and veterinary care when necessary, there is no reason why the cat can’t remain outside.  Some cats actually prefer it! 

  • Kitty Bungalow offers free spay/neuter services for community cats through our TNR program. If you believe you have an unfixed community cat, please click HERE  for our TNR program. 

Option 3: ReHome It (Only As a Last Resort)

  • If you are confident that no one is caring for the cat, try networking the cat your yourself! But remember - DON'T STEAL CATS. 

  • Create a plan to have the cat adopted.  Here are our tips: 

  • Take clear, cute, and bright pictures of the pet.  Pro tip: Putting them in front of a colorful background, wearing a cute outfit, and in front of a bright light or window will make your found pet POP!

  • Write a bio of the pet highlighting any positive attributes or qualities that will make him/her a great pet.

  • Does the pet do something adorable?  Take video and include that in any social media posts to increase his/her chances of getting adopted. 

  • Post your pictures/video and bios on Craigslist, Twitter, NextDoor, Instagram, Snapchat - on everything!

  • Create, print, and post flyers at work, school, children's clubs, local cafes and shops. Ask your friends and family to do the same!

  • Make sure the pet is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, current on flea treatment and microchipped!  Cats that are fixed and vetted are more likely to get adopted!

***Unfortunately, Kitty Bungalow is unable to take in cats/kittens from the general public.  We encourage you to take the steps above and be an active participant in ensuring that community cats are safe, healthy, and fixed!***

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