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Working Cat

Providing a GREEN alternative to your pest control problem!

Working Cat (WC) is a program developed to save lives while providing free, eco-friendly round-the-clock pest control for homes and businesses. Under-socialized cats that end up in shelters are euthanized because they are deemed unadoptable. WC programs across the country save the lives of millions of under-socialized cats that end up in shelters by placing them in homes, barns, businesses, etc. that are in need of pest control. These under-socialized cats end up living out the rest of their lives in secure, comfortable locations. It’s a win-win! 
In addition to the lives immediately saved when adopting Working Cats, using these cats as an alternative to toxic poisons and pesticides ensures that pets and wild animal populations are kept safe from these poisons. Eliminating toxic substances prevents leakage into the food chain and keeps the ecosystem healthy.

Even if your WC isn't the ideal hunter, no worries! Rodents are biologically programmed to stay away from areas where predators are present. The smell of a WC will immediately deter rats and mice! Working Cats “put to work” in homes and businesses can provide years of service with minimal care.

If you adopt a Working Cat from Kitty Bungalow, we request a holding period of several weeks to acclimate the cats to their new environment. If you do not have a secure area to hold them, we can give you ideas on modifying or purchasing a temporary, escape-proof enclosure. Working Cat adopters are expected to provide food, water, and a safe place for the cats to retreat. 

Working Cat adoptions are $5 per cat, which covers the cost of their chip registration. Fill out an application and a Working Cat specialist will contact you. For more information email


Jerome's Furniture

Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 2.38.17 PM.png

I just wanted to thank you and your organization for the 2 beautiful "working cats" they have come a long way and they are beginning to let us pet them. We haven't seen any rodents since they arrived, not even a sign of rats, or mice...even the birds that used to fly [in our warehouse] don't come in anymore. They are doing a fantastic job!
~Julie, adopted 2 Working Cats

Private Resident


With more and more wildlife dying from rat poisons building up in their systems, we ended up adopting working cats to take care of the rodents that were plaguing our yard. Happy to say we have no more rats, mice, ground squirrels or gophers and we have three lovely affectionate healthy cats. These cats came courtesy of a wonderful org, Kitty Bungalow, who pulls cats from death row at the shelters and places them as working cats. They are looking to place another 50 to qualify for their end of year grant so if you or someone you know would like to employ a green solution to pests, consider adopting a working cat (or 3).

~Teja, adopted 3 Working Cats

Business Owner

Business Testimonial.png

While our feline friends are still very difficult to photograph, I still wanted to send this one over.  “Mittens” has chosen a spot on the roof, usually under our solar panels to keep watch from each day. All of the cats get onto the roof periodically day and night, and we are very excited to say we have already noticed a decrease in rodent activity on our side of the kennel.  Our roof was a highway for all kinds of problematic critters, but now with the cats standing guard, I haven’t seen or heard a thing up there! Yay!

~ Jaclyn, adopted 4 Working Cats

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