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Found a Kitten?

Found kittens?  Not sure what to do? Don’t fret!  Follow these steps to figure out what to do next.

Finding kittens can be very stressful and most people are not sure what to do.  Usually, the first thing people want to do is contact the closest rescue or shelter to try to find someone that will take it.  As you can imagine, during kitten season (Yes, there's a kitten season!) both shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with requests to take in kittens.  Before contacting a rescue or shelter, here’s what you need to do:

Assess the condition of the kitten:

Determine the kitten’s AGE:

  • Click HERE for a guide on determining how old a found kitten is.

Evaluate the SAFETY of the area where the kitten was found:

  • Safe Area

    • Mother is nearby (this is the best outcome for the kitten - leave it with mama!)

    • There is a feeder or caregiver present

    • Cat family has food, water and shelter

  • Unsafe Area

    • Kitten doesn’t have mother or caregiver

    • Kitten is exposed to the elements or serious dangers

Decide on the best OUTCOME:

  • Safe location? 

    • Allow it to remain with its mother or caregiver until the kitten is two months old.  At that point, it can be trapped, neutered and returned (TNR) back to its colony.  For more information on Kitty Bungalow’s TNR program, click HERE

  • Unsafe location? 

    • If you have determined that it is not in a safe location and cannot survive without intervention, consider fostering the kitten or reaching out to friends and family to see if anyone can foster.  See below for resources on caring for found kittens. 

    • If the kitten is in need of emergency medical care, please take it to your nearest veterinarian or shelter right away.  Most rescues are not equipped to assist with emergency medical care.  

Actively TNR!

  • To prevent the birth of more kittens, it’s critical that YOU and other members of your community actively trap, neuter and fix community cats.  There are free programs!  Click HERE for more information.

***Unfortunately, Kitty Bungalow is unable to take in cats/kittens from the general public.  We encourage you to take the steps above and be an active participant in ensuring that community cats are safe, healthy, and fixed!***

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