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Homeschool Program

If you have ever found a kitten, you know how fast your thoughts start racing with questions. What am I going to do? Who can help me? What do kittens even eat? Our homeschool program is here to help!

Homeschool is a support net for people and their feral kittens. We believe that if you got a kitten off the street and have basic means, transportation, and a network of friends, you don't need us to save that kitten, because you've already done that part! What you need is support in your rescue endeavors.

Through homeschool, we offer answers to questions, medical services, and spay/neuter appointments. So all you need to think about is finding your new buddy a home, usually through social media or word-of-mouth. We even provide a professional photographer to take some great photos for you!

Graduates Ziegfield and Fosse

enjoying their time in homeschool!

Homeschool student Sesame

getting her medical exam

The homeschool program means even more kittens get to enjoy loving forever homes instead of the hard streets of LA. It also means we can use our limited funds and space for the hissiest, neediest kittens and  kittens found by elderly or unemployed accidental-rescuers who aren't able to provide for them. 

The biggest plus is you get to witness first hand the absolute adorableness of the kittens you rescued right in your home. It's a win-win!

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