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Home School Application

If you have ever found a kitten, you know how fast your thoughts start racing with questions. What am I going to do? Who can help me? What do kittens even eat?

Well that's what we're here for! Our home school program is a support net for people and their feral kittens. We believe that if you got a kitten off the street and have basic means, transportation, and a network of friends, you don't need us to save that kitten, because you've already done that part! What you need is support in your rescue endeavors.

As part of our home school program, we offer answers to any questions, medical services, and spay/neuter appointments. So all you need to think about is finding your new buddy a home.

The first step is completing this application for Home School Services. All fields are required. Please note that the form can currently not be submitted using the Safari browser. We kindly ask that you use a different browser. Thank you.

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