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So you found some cats. What next?

Cat overpopulation is epidemic in Los Angeles.  If feral cats or kittens have crossed your path, here's how to figure out what to do next:

First, assess the situation. Is it one cat or multiple (a colony)? Adults or kittens? Healthy or in obvious need of medical attention? Feral or friendly?  After observing, we can help you form an action plan.

Friendly or "stray" cats should not be mistaken for feral. Even if the cat doesn't have a collar, if it's friendly (talks or allows petting) and healthy it likely has someone looking out for it.  Spay/neuter services may be necessary (and encouraged!) but please don't try to rescue or steal anyone's pets.

Feral adult cats & cat colonies are eligible for TNR (Trap Neuter Return) services offered by Kitty Bungalow & others.  TNR is a way to spay/neuter & rabies vaccinate feral (un-adoptable) cats who are then returned to where they were found -- thus preventing rampant reproduction and the continued cycle of overpopulation euthanasia.

TNR improves the health and stability of feral cat colonies and is the most effective tool in the struggle against overpopulation. Some TNR'd feral cats can be placed as Working Cats where they're able to live out their lives as eco-friendly pest control on private property.

Feral kittens (under 4 months) can be socialized with human interaction and are therefore adoptable.  Kitty Bungalow: Charm School for Wayward Cats specializes in precisely this type of social & behavioral training. 


A typical approach is to TNR the mother and then socialize the kittens so they can be adopted out into a loving forever home. We use human interaction and treat-based behavioral training to 

Infant kittens (under 8 weeks) or Bottle Babies need round-the-clock care until they're old enough to s/neuter, vaccinate, and adopt. 

Kittens under 8 weeks are frequently euthanized by shelters due to limited resources. We created the Homeschool Program to help curb the amount of young kittens entering the shelter.


Kitty Bungalow has limited capacity and resources.  As such, we can't accept surrenders. The majority of our students are rescued from other shelters and feral colonies that are still young enough to be socialized for adoption. 

We provide answers & resources to help the community address a range of cat issues, so please contact us if your questions aren't answered by this site.

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