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Kitty Bungalow proudly announces the launch of KB Trade Tech Education Program

If you have a mouse, rat, or other rodent problem, this is the healthiest and most economic solution.

At Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, we take special care in socializing feral kittens and graduating Ivy League lap cats into life long loving homes. We are also committed to providing grown ferals their GED diplomas by providing spay/neuter services in the form of Trap Neuter Release (TNR) within Los Angeles city limits. Our mishttp://www.pioneerpet.comsion is to provide all cats able to adjust to indoor life with a warm and loving lifelong home, while providing those cats who need to continue living outdoors with a caring colony manager, assuring all cats, lap or otherwise, a humane and happy existence.

The cat overpopulation is not a cat problem, it is a people problem caused by uneducated and sometimes irresponsible pet owners who abandon their cats or do not have them sterilized, causing a proliferation of cats being born on the street. Together we can bring an end to the homeless kitten epidemic. You can do your part by adopting, volunteering or donating to our organization today.

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