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Put your paws together for the world’s first virtual world cat-art fundraiser!  Curated by Coldie in collaboration with Kitty Bungalow, CryptoKitties, Nala Cat, and many other digital and physical artists! This show is open until further notice.
Kitty Bungalow’s “BUY ART SAVE KITTENS: VIRTUAL EDITION” experience will take place from noon on September 16 to September 17, 2021. Enter into a completely virtual world that was specially created for this event, complete with activities, art to buy, and cats cats cats. No special equipment needed. Participants can access via mobile devices or on their desktops with the unique event link. All attendees with an avatar will receive a free Kitty Bungalow virtual world wearable.

This event marks the first time the kitten rescue fundraises with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto art assets. Guests from around the world are invited to join in on the fun from the comfort of their homes and are not required to be invested in cryptocurrency. Artworks can be purchased, and donations can be made using USD with 100% of proceeds going directly to secure food and medication for L.A. street kittens.
Kitty Bungalow, like so many other organizations, was impacted by COVID-19 and needed to rethink their annual fundraiser, a vital necessity to securing funds needed to carry out their mission. Turning to their community, Kitty Bungalow partnered with L.A.-native 3-D artist, Coldie to curate and build a virtual cat-art themed fundraiser featuring crypto and analog art pieces from over 40 artists. 

Guests are welcome to continue visiting the gallery for weeks following the fundraiser weekend, which will be available online until INSERT DATE, 2021.   


A special feral cat scavenger hunt will be held with uniquely rare CryptoKitties that will be “up for adoption” to the winners. CryptoKitties is one of the world’s first and most popular blockchain games. ‘Blockchain’ is the technology that makes Bitcoin possible. Don’t miss the CryptoKitties collaboration with ASYNC, an artist collective that creates programmable living works.

Players can collect and breed their digital kitties to create new furry friends and unlock rare cattributes. While CryptoKitties isn’t a digital currency, it does offer the same security: each CryptoKitty is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you. It cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.  @Cryptokitties,

Nala Cat


Debuting on July 10 is a specially created NALA cat digital 3-D voxel sculpture by Ogar, that will be auctioned off. NALA will be appearing via TWITCH live feed on Friday, July 10 at 1pm PST. Be sure to sign NALA’s 10th birthday card and get a downloadable poster.

Nala Cat, an internet-famous kitty and current Guinness World Record holder, uses her charm, feistiness, and cute face to spread happiness and love to millions. As an adopted cat, she also uses her social media influence to make people smile. Love, Nala is her gourmet food line for cats and kittens. @Nala_Cat, @lovenalaco

Featured Artists

Digital Artists

Physical Artists!

Gary Baseman

Albert Reyes

Sage Vaughn

Jackie Dunn Smith


Kellesimone Waits


John Van Hamersveld


Alotta Money


Matt Kane

Glass Crane

Art by MLO


Mattia Cuttini






Bryan Brinkman

Peter Bock

Kyle Jacobs

Robin Gurney




Michael Cohee


Adam F. Woods

Marko Zubak

Gisel Florez

Sona Tsarukyan

Reinhard Schmid

Sarah Zucker

Anonymous Nobody

Blue_Pastel Uriel Hernández