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Buy Art Save Kittens

Thank you to everyone who showed up to support the opening weekend of the "BUY ART SAVE KITTENS" virtual fundraiser! We really appreciate the support and our kittens are pawsitively grateful! Remaining art can still be viewed by following the links below:


Put your paws together for the 2nd annual international virtual cat-art fundraiser!  Curated by Coldie in collaboration with Kitty Bungalow, ASYNC, and many other digital and physical artists!
Enter into a completely virtual world that was specially created for this event, complete with activities, art to buy, and cats cats cats. No special equipment is needed. Participants can access via mobile devices or on their desktops with the unique event link. 

Guests from around the world are invited to join in on the fun from the comfort of their homes and are not required to be invested in cryptocurrency but are encouraged to use Bitcoin or Etherium, if interested in purchasing digital art. Artworks can be purchased, and donations can be made using USD with 100% of proceeds going directly to secure food and medication for L.A. street kittens.

Guests are welcome to continue visiting the gallery for weeks following the fundraiser weekend, which will be available online until further notice.

Sponsored by:

Nala Cat

ASYNC ART continues its support of BUY ART SAVE KITTENS for a second year, with a dedicated gallery benefiting Kitty Bungalow. Curated via a contest on its platform, Async artists donated fantastic programmable, exclusive works to our kitten cause. See new and exclusive work by Horus, MrRichi, 3FOLD, iuri kothe, daveed, April Hartman, Richard Dixon, Astral Swim, and Wanda Oliver. See more about Async and preview the work HERE


MONOGRAMA is an art-focused DAO project that aims to facilitate social, financial, and digital inclusion in order to generate the exchange of knowledge, visibility and development of a socially committed global community in digital art.

Featured Artists



  • Albert Reyes

  • Max Kornell

  • Jeff Mcmillian

  • Billy Kheel

  • Lynda Lyke

  • Kelly Brumfield

  • Peter Kuper

  • John Everett Miner

  • Robbie Conal

  • Rob Reger

  • Martha Wahlert

  • Kelly Fogel

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