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Petco Love Stories

Every year, Petco Love gives organizations a chance at winning life-saving grants but we can't do it without your help! If you have adopted a cat from Kitty Bungalow, submit your love story by October 1st for a chance to help us win up to $100k!

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So how can you help?
1. Write your love story: 
Write a short story (no longer than 500 words) about the way that your KB grad has made an impact on your life! (more info in FAQ section below)

2.  Gather your photos:
Along with your love story, you'll need to submit a total of four photos. One glamour shot of your KB grad, one of you and your KB grad, and two additional photos that capture your story!​

3. Submit your story!
Once you've written your story and gathered your images, submit your story no later than October 1st by sending an email to with subject line Petco Love -  *insert your pet's name*

In past years, KB adopters have been selected as winners for Petco Love Stories grants! Who knows, maybe your current KB grad can help future grads of charm school! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should my story be about?

    • Your submitted Love Stories should demonstrate how the adopted pet has made an adopter’s life better, and should be a celebration of the love they share with their pet. Stories can range from the simplest things that bring joy to life every day to one-of-a-kind, extraordinary stories. Big or small, short-or long-haired, canine or feline, celebrate how the pet has significantly changed the adopter’s life for the better.Telling a good story rather than simply reciting facts as they happened takes some thought (“What’s real the point I want to get across?”). And, compelling storytelling and supporting photos or videos will make your submission stand out from the rest. 

  2. Can the story be about a pet who is no longer alive?​

    • ​Petco Love, deeply understands how a pet who is no longer with us may still have a life-changing impact on adopter's lives. However, for the Love Stories campaign, all story submissions must be written about a pet currently living.​

  3. Can I submit a story even if I have submitted in the past?

    • Yes! If you've submitted a Petco Love story before but didn't win, you are more than welcome to resubmit a story!

​Still have a question?
Send us an email at

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