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Meet the Charm School Board

Michelle Kiser .jpg

Michelle Kiser
Secretary of the Board

Michelle joined the Kitty Bungalow Board accidentally on October 4th of 2016. At her previous job she had a colleague who was feeding community cats but Michelle was asked to take over when the colleague switched companies. During the course of the first week, she found kittens roaming in the bushes and asked her colleague to help trap them. After dropping off the kittens at the Bungalow, she stayed for volunteer orientation and never left. If she's not petting kittens, you can find her running, biking, curled up reading a good book, or watching Netflix with her partner Chris, Charlie the dog, and Nike the cat.

When asked what she loves the most about working on Kitty Bungalow's Board of Directors, Michelle said "My mantra/purpose in life is to 'make a difference'. Kitty Bungalow has made a difference in my life in so many ways. I have found a lot of great friends through the organization and have achieved lifetime goals. By being on the board I can 'make a difference' to the people who have changed my life for the better."

Doug Stone.jpg

Doug Stone
Board Member

Doug began volunteering with Kitty Bungalow in August of 2012. He helped with the students, did TNR and also started helping to organize and shop for supplies. Within a year and a half he was also helping with volunteer coordination, fundraising and other tasks. Since the Fall of 2012 he had been doing two shifts a week, which has ceased, only temporarily, due to the Pandemic. Doug has been in the entertainment business since 1982 but when he stopped running his own business, he suddenly found he had much more time on his hands. So, Doug began to look for a volunteer opportunity, helping felines. Although he had cats in his home over the years, it was really in 1986 that I fell in love with them in a big way, thanks Sparky, to a kitten he found and won his heart. When he's not volunteering his time, he enjoys reading, music, the internet, occasionally attending improvisation classes, seeing plays and socializing with friends.
When asked what he loves the most about working on Kitty Bungalow's Board of Directors, Doug says "I have wanted to make a difference in KB's work since I began volunteering and to utilize the skills I've gathered over 45 years of work experience, the majority spent being self-employed. I love being a Board Member because I get to work on the sustainability of our goals - making sure we have the resources and monies we need to continue saving little lives. We have a wonderful Board who are easy to work with, and who put Kitty Bungalow's welfare first and foremost. We also have a staff we are very proud of, as well as amazingly dedicated volunteers. I'm very proud and pleased to serve on the KB Board of Directors."

Graham Cole.jpg

Graham Cole
Board Member

Graham joined the Board of the Kitty Bungalow in 2020 after lurking on its social media for years having found KB through a friend who used to volunteer. He is a technology licensing manager at the City of Hope and spends his days making sure that City of Hope is able to continue the groundbreaking cancer and diabetes therapies that it is known for. Prior to joining City of Hope, Graham worked as a patent litigation attorney, and before that he received a Ph.D. in medical physics. Graham has been a life-long cat lover. He adopted his first cat, Phoebe, from a family member and lived with her until she died at the age of 18. More recently, Graham adopted his new kittens, Butterfly and Bug ("Buggo"), from the Bungalow and filled a hole in his heart that he didn't realize was there.
When asked what he loves the most about being on Kitty Bungalow's board of directors, Graham states "it's very exciting to be a part of the Kitty Bungalow Board and i'm proud of all the work that the Bungalow does."

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