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Our Working Cat Program in Colorado!

Here at Kitty Bungalow, we're offering the feral cats of Los Angeles a once in a nine-lives opportunity:

an all expenses paid, one-way trip to the beautiful land of Colorado!

Due to an ongoing 7-year TNR injuction in the city of Los Angeles, feral cats who get caught up in our shelter systems unfortunately only have one way out - euthanasia. The city is currently not allowed to release these cats even to rescue organizations, so we've created a partnership with them through our Working Cat Program to employ these ferals into our elite rodent control team!

So why are they headed to Colorado?

Here in Los Angeles the feral cats love the warm sunny weather as much as we do and never seem to stop having kittens year round. As a result, our feral cat population doesn't fluctuate as much as places with colder seasons. We heard that horse owners in Colorado were having a tough time finding barn cats year round. 

Our current Working Cat program has expanded to include limited transfers to Colorado to help bring in much needed feline rodent control in the off season. During the high season, all inquiries are referred to the local groups in Colorado to support their own life-saving work.

Click here to fill out an application for your free working cats!

At the end of the day, if there's a chance for any feral cat scared and alone in a shelter to enjoy the rest of their life outdoors in the fresh air being cared for, we are for it! 

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