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Shopping. Lunch. Wine. Prizes. Kittens. Join us at Citadel Outlets on Sept. 22.

August 28, 2018

Usually, supporting the kittens we rescue involves some pretty dirty stuff: Scooping litter pans. Cleaning up spilled food (kittens are messy eaters). And medical stuff that's best left undiscussed in polite company. 


But some days it's a little easier. Some days, you get to shop and drink wine. 


And that's exactly what's happening on September 22 - you can join the Kitty Bungalow faculty at Citadel Outlets, where you'll be treated to a catered lunch and wine tasting, and made eligible for up to $90,000 in prizes. Oh, and since it's one of southern California's finest outlet malls, you'll enjoy deep discounts on 80 different luxury brands. All for buying a ticket and showing up.


Here are the details:


WHEN. September 22, 2018, from 9am to 9pm.


WHERE. Citadel Outlets, Commerce CA.


TICKETS. Tickets are just $35 - click here to order, then scroll down and choose "Kitty Bungalow Charm School For Wayward Cats" as your charity


THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. This is a big one - if you buy a ticket, you must show up to the event, or at least have someone show up in your place. This is a charity partnership with Citadel Outlets, and we don't get our donation if our ticketholders don't show up and register. So please don't skip out on this event if you buy a ticket!


SCHEDULE. Click here for a complete schedule.


THE SHOPPING PART. Click here for a list of stores participating in the event, and the deals they're offering. 


TICKETS. Yeah, we said this one already, but for some reason people always have trouble finding the link to buy tickets in situations like this. So here it is again



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