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© 2017-2020 Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats

Lives Saved


212 Adoptions

88 Homeschool

975 TNRs


370 Adoptions

150 Homeschool

1370 TNRs

268 Working Cats


402 Adoptions

213 Homeschool

746 TNRs


314 Adoptions

274 Homeschool

687 TNRs

138 Working Cats


259 Adoptions

266 Homeschool

770 TNRs

213 Working Cats

Wondering what our combined efforts of 13,176 volunteer hours achieved in 2018?


We provided TNR for 770 cats which prevented over 2,700 homeless kittens from ending up on the street in 2018.


We placed 213 cats in great jobs all across the country through our Working Cat Program! All 213 of those feral cats would have been killed at the shelter within 5 days had we not intervened. 

We adopted out 259 graduates of Kitty Bungalow Charm School into loving homes!  In addition, we expanded our impact through our Home School program where we assisted everyday community members in rescuing and homing 266 cats!


We also revamped our Kitty Cadet Program and had over 1,248 hours of community service performed by high school students in the South LA area.  


We are part of the No-Kill movement and none of our students are ever euthanized for time, space, or behavior.